Jet 3520b. New Lathe Joys? Errr No….

It’s only a few weeks ago I was writing on social media sites telling of my excitement after ordering a shiny new Jet 3520b.  After a stock shortage delay it arrived just a week ago.  It took me two days to get it into the workshop and commissioned for first use.

Sadly, I only enjoyed two days of turning with it before I started to detect a knocking noise…  I had read about an issue with 3520b’s and the speed detector… but no, this wasn’t the problem.  It looks like it’s one of the spindle bearings 🙁

Axminster, the UK supplier, are sending out a replacement head unit, but it will be a few weeks I suspect before I’m up and running again.  It’s a good job I still have my Nova DVR XP (for sale!!) as this failure coincides with a bulk order for one of the pieces I turn.

I’m very frustrated at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Jet 3520b. New Lathe Joys? Errr No….

  1. John Reilly

    As the update on this was last August is the new Jet installed and working and has the Nova gone to its new home? I think I saw mentioned that you had ordered the large Jet and a smaller lathe at the same time? What smaller lathe did you choose?

    • Tom Stratton Post author

      Hi John. There have been a few updates on the site this year, I wonder why you don’t see them? However I have had difficult health problems for sometime now and both the site, my videos and, most importantly, my woodworking, have had to take a back seat. Though both the big Jet and smaller Axminster lathe ( are installed, I have never had the chance to turn on the little one. Hopefully I will get back there very soon.




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