SOLD! Nova DVR XP Lathe for Sale


Nova DVR XP (Stock Image)

I’m happy to announce that this is now sold and will be going to its new owner very soon.  The new owner is a well known YouTube turner, so I will happily be able to keep an eye on it over the coming years! 


Due to the purchase of a Jet 3520b, I am unfortunately having to sell my lovely Nova DVR lathe.  I had hoped to keep them both but I have realised I just don’t have the room.  I will eventually buy another, much smaller lathe.


The Details

Record Power branded Nova DVR XP Lathe, 2HP digital motor.  No belts / pullies to change! 100 to 3500 rpm variable speed.  I have had this for around 3 years from new.  It is in almost perfect condition other than one manufacturers sticker starting to peel and the addition of a magnetic tool holder! This cost £2,200 and includes full outrigger turning kit with outboard tool rest and extra large bowl surfer rest.  The sale includes all the equipment shown here at ‘Yandles’ and much more (see below):

Full specs on manufacturers page:

DVR Bowlsurf.1

Bowlsurfer Rest (Stock Image)


The package includes the Nova Bowlsurfer rest. This can be used in either the standard banjo or on the included outrigger unit.




The lathe has the additional benefit of fully fitted wireless remote control.  This can either be worn on the wrist like a watch or attached to any part of the lathe as it is magnetic.  I remove the straps and attach to either the tool rest or tailstock.  This cost around £120.


 DVR Remote1DVR Remote2

Included with the lathe are:

1 Supernova-2 scroll chuck with two sets of Jaws – Standard 50mm / 2 inch and Pin Jaws. Cost £120.

1 Axminster Sk114 Evolution Scroll Chuck (No jaws supplied) Cost £180 –

Other parts and tools specific to the lathe will be provided, including original Spur Drive and Live Centre, Beall Spindle Tap (to make your own chucks, faceplates and jigs), Peter Childs dedicated ‘screw chuck’ and various faceplates.  The image to the left shows a large magnetic strip along the front of the lathe bed.  I used this to hold small tools and spanners etc.  This strip is included.



Chucks, Faceplates and Accessories included




Package includes homemade friction plate and sanding disk.



Total Cost of Equipment:

Nova DVR XP Lathe Package £2,200
Bowlsurfer Rest £40
Wireless Remote Control £120
Teknatool Supernova2 Chuck £120
Axminster Evolution Chuck (Bare) £180
 Accessories in excess of £150
Total Cost In Excess Of £2,810

Image of actual lathe. Draws and shopvac not included!

Image of actual lathe. Draws and shopvac not included!

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  1. Janet

    Hi, I was just writing because we are selling our DVR lathe–and I was wondering how you priced yours. Thanks for any thoughts. Janet


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