Book Review: Woodturning Wizardry – David Springett

Woodturning Wizardry is a book to blow your mind and stretch your imagination.  David Springett is the master of mind bending sculptural pieces, with spheres within spheres, impossible multifaceted spiky stars within square turnings atop beautiful thin stemmed goblets, fabulous lattice work and an incredible turned arrow passing through a glass bottle!

Many of the pieces in this book require a variety of special jigs and tools, but the creation of all these are covered in the book.  Fantastically detailed plans, descriptions and photographs accompany all the projects and pieces.

I have made a couple of jigs and tools but have yet to complete a piece that I would consider a keeper.  However I keep picking up this book time after time for inspiration and wouldn’t want to be without it.  One day I’ll get there!

The book is split into three parts and 19 chapters:

Part One Preparation

  1. Wood
  2. Making jigs and chucks
  3. Toolmaking
  4. Turning spheres
  5. Setting out the surface of a sphere

Part Two Projects

  1. Arrow through bottle
  2. Lattice circles
  3. Offset lattice lid
  4. Box with domed lattice lid
  5. Lattice Pomander
  6. Singapore Ball
  7. Spiked star in cube
  8. Spiked star in sphere
  9. Captive cube in sphere
  10. Lidded box in sphere
  11. Chinese balls
  12. Chinese rings
  13. Pierced sphere
  14. Interlocking spheres

Part Three Gallery


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Woodturning Wizardry by David Springett

Woodturning Wizardry by David Springett

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