Book Review: Woodturning Evolution – Nick Agar and David Springett

This book may confuse you.  If it doesn’t then it will likely change your view of turning hollow forms for ever!  The subtitle of the book is ‘Dynamic projects for you to make’. In ‘Woodturning Evolution’ Nick Agar and David Springett introduce a method of creating hollow forms and sculptural pieces form flat boards of wood.  If you are immediately thinking segmented turning then you need to think again!  The pieces on the front cover of the book have been formed by mounting two boards on a simple jig, turning a section away from the ‘interior’ of each board, then combining them into a ‘tube’.  The tube can then be sliced in various angles and rejoined to create totally new pieces.  Confused?  I was at first, I have to admit, however after understanding the process I now find this an absolutely inspiration method of creating sculptural forms that I have been experimenting with for some time.  I hope to have a series of pieces, created with this process, developed during 2016.

The book contains 176 pages in 7 chapters.  14 project pieces are covered in full detail:


  1. Foreward
  2. Introduction
  3. Suitable Woods
  4. Tools and Equipment
  5. Holding the Work
  6. Health and Safety
  7. Finding Inspiration


  1. The Wave
  2. ‘Chinese’ Vessel
  3. ‘Clarice Cliff’ Vessel
  4. Cockerel, Iguana and Kiwi
  5. Iguana
  6. Kiwi
  7. Snake
  8. Zebrano
  9. Elephant Vessel
  10. Deco Vessel
  11. Whisper
  12. Outside the Box
  13. Wall Plaque
  14. Horn


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Woodturning Evolution by Nick Agar and David Springett

Woodturning Evolution by Nick Agar and David Springett

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