Book Review: Turned Boxes (50 Designs) – Chris Stot

Superficially this is a very simple book.  50 designs are presented with all the project details required to create the pieces yourself.  Following through the projects sequentially you will be introduced to more complex designs and more demanding tool work with each piece.  However as you progress through the book you should also find yourself examining form and detail in other work and starting to explore your own potential.  The first part of the book is dedicated to materials, tools and design inspirations.

Turned Boxes has 177 pages and is split into three parts:

Part 1: Technique and Inspiration

  1. A brief history of turned boxes
  2. A woodturner’s life
  3. Safety in the workshop
  4. Tools and machinery
  5. Timber and materials
  6. Deciding what to make
  7. Inspiration and where to find it
  8. Decorating boxes
  9. Finishes for boxes
  10. Displaying your work
  11. Common Faults

Part II: 50 Turned Boxes

  1. Simple box
  2. Chinese hat box
  3. Onion-top box
  4. Finial box
  5. Easy box
  6. Spherical box
  7. Vase box
  8. Beaded-lid box
  9. Zebrano box
  10. Yew box
  11. Elegant box
  12. Square-lidded box
  13. Pill box
  14. Teardrop box
  15. Ginger jar
  16. Collector’s box
  17. Mosque box
  18. Egg box
  19. Ball box
  20. Yew saucer
  21. Footed box
  22. Mushroom box
  23. Apple box
  24. Saturn box
  25. Japanese lantern box
  26. Pagoda box
  27. Bird-box ornament
  28. Bird box
  29. Finial egg box
  30. Tipsey boxes 1 and 2
  31. Trinket box
  32. Seattle tower box
  33. UFO box
  34. Galaxy box
  35. Clam box
  36. Skep or beehive box
  37. Inset-lid box
  38. Double-decker box
  39. Four-stack box
  40. Commissionaire box
  41. Top hat box
  42. Bowler hat box
  43. Jockey cap box
  44. Acorn box
  45. Picture-frame inset box
  46. Three-centre spire box
  47. Lattice-lidded box
  48. Doughnut box
  49. Off-centre oddity box
  50. Flask box

Part III: A Gallery of Turned Boxes

Showing work from: Allan Batty, Kip Christensen, Michael Hosaluk, Ray Key and Hans Joachim Weissflog


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(50) Turned Boxes by Chris Stott

(50) Turned Boxes by Chris Stott


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