Book Review: Turning Hollow Forms – Mark Sanger

This is a wonderful introduction to turning hollow forms.  Though known for some quite modern pieces, here Mark Sanger introduces a range of timeless vessels with his own unique twist.  The text assumes basic turning ability but no prior knowledge of hollowing and walks you through from wood selection to finished piece. Seven project pieces are covered in greater detail with relevant designs, plans, dimensions, hollowing sequences and finishing notes which should provide you with the skills to handle any future hollow forms.  Chapter 2, ‘Wood’, is especially useful for it’s information on log selection and orientation to make the best use of your wood.

Though I was far from a novice hollower when I purchased the book I have found it invaluable and inspirational on many levels.  The book contains five main chapters:

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Wood
  3. Tools
  4. Form
  5. Projects



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