Laburnum ‘Twig Pot’


I turn pieces of all shapes and sizes and naturally favourites arise.  These aren’t always the biggest pieces though.  This little Laburnum ‘Twig Pot’, or ‘Bud Vase’, demonstrates that often you need to look at the smaller pieces to find real beauty in wood.

This was the first piece to dry well enough from a supply given by a lovely lady, local to me, who will always be known as Mrs Laburnum.   It was presented to her as a ‘down payment’ on future wood.  The neck contains a glass insert which allows the display of both fresh and dried flowers.

Laburnum Twig Pot


4 thoughts on “Laburnum ‘Twig Pot’

  1. Yuval Lahav

    Beautiful wood and simple pretty lines to that design!! I love the hue you’ve added around the edges of the picture, how is that called again?? 🙂


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