Carbide Rotary Tools and Discs


During my video of the Three Footed Bowl I promised a short video on the carbide rotary tools and cutting disks that I had used, along with links to the manufacturers sites.

The video review can been found here.

Before I go any further, please note that I am not sponsored or connected in any way with the companies products that I mention or show and I am not able to endorse them beyond the usage that I demonstrate or discuss.  The way that I choose to use them may not be the method recommended by the manufacturer and may not be suitable for you!  Right, now that’s out of the way….

The rotary tool I use is a Dremel 4000 series.  I use this with their flexi-shaft option most of the time.  When I bought this I couldn’t source any of the ‘better’ rotary tools within the UK like Foredom.  A week after buying the Dremel I found a website which seems to stock a good range of Foredom and other machines.  When I can warrant the upgrade this is a route I shall go.

SaburrTooth ShapesWith the Dremel I use rotary burrs from many manufacturers, but the ones of interest here are the carbide burrs made by SaburrTooth.  They are available in three grits (depending on shank size) and a whole range of shapes and styles.  These tips have a large number of carbide ‘teeth’.  I have a couple of different ones in two grades, course and fine.  Though there is a difference in the finish from the two grits, in future I would only buy the course for rapid stock removal and use other finishing methods like those offered by Dura-Grit.


Dura-Grit ToolsDura-Grit rotary tips are covered with a carbide grit, rather than teeth and give a reasonably fine, controllable finish.  They are available in many shapes and styles with various grits from 80 to 240.

The mini-angle grinder I use is the Proxxon Long Kneck 50mm / 2″ model.  Proxxon tools are generally available in both 240v and 110v. I understand the offering by ArborTech is much better and far more versatile, but at a higher price point.  The Proxxon does all that I need at the moment, and hopefully for the foreseeable future.  The carbide disks I use come from both SaburrTooth and King Arthur’s Tools.  King Arthur’s Tools do a fabulous range of disks and rotary burrs that I look forward to trying in the future.  Their disks are used by renowned turner Nick Agar to great effect.


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