I first turned wood during my high school years, sometime between 1977 & 1982.  Woodworking, and various crafts, have served as a release from my working career in IT / Network Management, however it wasn’t until a series of health problems left me ‘almost’ housebound around 2007 that I really started to pay attention to the wondrous world of woodturning.

A few years ago I found that being stuck at home was driving me into a depressive state.  By accident I came across a woodworker (and fellow turner) on YouTube who was using videos as a therapy for his depressions and a way to reach out to others.  I immediately realised that this could work for me.  I have had a life long interest in photography, so I had a good start in the skills required for basic videos.

Almost immediately I came out of my shell and, coupled with a marvellous new mobility scooter, even managed to start getting out and about.  I wouldn’t say that I have ‘never looked back since’ but the way forward is now easier.

It is my intention to keep this site, and my videos, free to you, but this doesn’t mean I would turn down the offer of a pint of beer!

Tomturns.com, and the videos I have created, are ‘the story so far’.  I hope you will stay around for the rest of my journey through the wonderful world of turning!


Tom Stratton (April 2016)

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